We use four drivers to assess which model is best for eConsent

Whether you’re looking at self-service, where companies create, deploy and manage their own ICFs through a partner’s eConsent platform, or full-service, where companies rely on a partner to manage it all, there is no “best model.” Instead, the best choice is one that fits your organization. Use our checklist below to assess which model is right for you.

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Organization Size
Often, larger organizations are better suited towards self-service models for eConsent. That’s because they have access to the larger pool of resources needed to create, implement, and monitor the consent process. However, this isn’t always a hard rule. In fact, it’s highly dependent on…

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Current Infrastructure, Skills and Resources
Organizations who look to handle eConsent in-house, using a self-service model, must ensure that they have the right tools to do so. Simply put, a large organization without clinicians, global consent experts, and ICF authors is not well equipped to handle self-service. While size may be a general indicator of resources, any organization with eConsent specific infrastructure is likely to fare better.

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ICF Complexity
The more complex and ICF – the harder it is to implement. Here, we recommend that organizations that have one or more complex study protocols, multiple language form versions, etc. look more towards a full-service model. That’s because there are several organizations, such as Signant Health, who have years of experience deploying complex global studies.

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Study Type
Again, this comes down to complexity. Here we recommend full-service approaches for any organization not experienced in rolling out global, protocol heavy studies.

Signant Health does recommend that sponsors thoroughly evaluate several platforms before implementing any model. If you’re looking to validate your assessment, learn more about self-service or full-service options, or see which path organizations similar to yours took – fill out your information to receive a free personalized eConsent consultation with one of our experts.

Continue your eConsent learning path by visiting the eConsent Resource Center at insights.signanthealth.com/eConsent.
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